Sunday, December 21, 2008

Congratulations Heidi Diaz AKA Kimmer on Winning the 20th Annual Slim Chance Awards!!

Heidi says any publicity is good publicity so she must be sooooo proud at this. Heidi has won the 20th Annual Slim Change Awards for 2008! The article says:

WORST PRODUCT: Kimkins diet. It must have seemed an easy way to get rich quick. Founder Heidi "Kimmer" Diaz set up a website and charged members a fee to access the Kimkins diet, boasting they could lose up to 5 percent of their body weight in 10 days. "Better than gastric bypass," there was "no faster diet" and in fact she herself had lost 198# in 11 months. Stunning "after" photos were displayed. In June 2007 Women's World ran it as a cover story, and that month alone PayPal records show the Kimkins site took in over $1.2 million. Then users began complaining of chest pains, hair loss, heart palpitations, irritability and menstrual irregularities. This was not surprising since Kimkins is essentially a starvation diet, down to 500 calories per day and deficient in many nutrients (shockingly, laxatives are advised to replace the missing fiber). In a lawsuit, 11 former members are uncovering a vast record of Diez’s alleged fraud. They found that the stunning “after” photos, including one of Kimmer herself, had been lifted from a Russian mail order bride site. According to a deposition reported by Los Angeles TV station KTLA, Diaz admitted using fake pictures, fake stories and fake IDs, and a judge has allowed the litigants to freeze some of her assets.

Friday, October 31, 2008


Have you ever been around a bunch of Ducks? Do you notice that if you walk behind them that you have to watch every step because they leave little droppings with almost every step they take? Have you ever seen how the Male Duck protects the Female Duck during mating season? He fights off any other Duck that comes near them.

Emotions are running high on the Kimkins.con controversy these days. It's been a year sense the start of the Class Action Law Suit to try to shut Kimkins.con and it's owner Heidi Diaz down from promoting her Low Calorie, Low Carb, Low Fat diet plan that she has been pushing on the Internet for over a year now.

Duck after Duck are running around leaving droppings wherever they need to watch your step for fear of stepping in something you don't want to step in. Isn't it time for a little hibernation? Spread those wings and head South (to Corona) or something.

It's time for the Ducks to once again unite and ensure that all evidence against Heidi Diaz and her dangerous WOE is put out there for all the world to see how dangerous this WOE really is. There are many, many survivor stories as to what this WOE can do to someone who had no knowledge of a Low Carb lifestyle and believes what Heidi Diaz promotes.

Please, for your sake and everyone else's....Watch the Duck Poop!!

Thursday, July 31, 2008


Are you tired of being scammed by diet sites...again and again? Tired of these guys/gals taking advantage of your weakness at trying to lose weight over and over? Well, there is something you can do about it. You can fight back!!

The most recent and maybe deadliest diet scam to hit the Internet is the Kimkin's diet. There is currently a class action lawsuit against this diet site and the owner, Heidi Kimberly Diaz, who represented herself as someone who lost 200 lbs in a short time and used false pictures of herself (taken from a Russian Bride site) to prove it. Ms. Diaz took in over $1.2 Million Dollars promoting her site in June 2007, There is documentation of people suffering health issue due to her recommendations of doing a diet that promotes starvation levels (under 800 calories...she promoted 500 calories or less originally). False advertisement led many people to her site and she now is being investigated.

The Law Offices of Tiedt and Hurd ( have taken on the task of prosecuting Ms. Diaz and representing approximately 40,000 people who believed Ms. Diaz had the answers and were again scammed by a lying liar who lies.

If your tired of always being scammed by the diet industry or someone like Ms. Diaz, now is the time for you to fight back! If you have ever been a member of Kimkins.con or are a member of Kimkins.con, you need to stand up for your rights and help put this person behind bars!

Contact John Tiedt today ( and stand up against diet fraud all over the world. YOU CAN DO SOMETHING!! Join the lawsuit!

Friday, May 9, 2008


Well I guess it’s time to come out of hiding and set some records straight. It seems the Fascination Thread is all a glow these days with one particular “supporter” of the Kimkins diet. Wow, so nice to see someone stand their ground and defend their WOE even when there is proof if it’s dangers.

Let me tell my story again with a little more insight.

I too was a very strong supporter of KK in the beginning. Check my posts over there, I was over 700+…loving the diet, supporting others and Kimmer. Eating between 100 – 500 calories as Kimmer suggested for her KE Plan, not having any hunger at all for the first time in my life (wow, what a feeling!). Made it so easy to go lower and lower.
One day, one of my group asked about the pictures of Kimmer. Well, I agreed they didn’t look like the same person so I posted a thread asking if they were they same person. Not knowing much about PMs and not know we could even PM Kimmer, I put it in the Ask Kimmer thread. Needless to say I got reamed a new one. Not only by posters but by Admin’s and a very lovely PM from the Kimmer herself.
At the time, guess I was one of the “lucky” ones as I did not get banned right away for it. How did I know that Cutie (sorry…just had to put you here, Cutie, lol) had been banned for the same thing just a short time before? Lol Anyway, I told Kimmer that it was an innocent question and if she felt it was so bad to just delete the thread. At the time, she did not (it is now gone).
Even after that I was still a firm believer in the WOE, losing weight every day and loving it and so far, feeling good (I thought). But, in the back of my head there was this little thing telling me there was something wrong with the “reaction” I got from Kimmer and her Admin’s. You know, that little voice that says something is just not right here? In addition to Kimmer PMing me, she also PM’d one of my group about the controversial pictures. In her PMs, we noticed she was “quoting” comments from OUR PM’s which she said your private and no one but us had access too. Another ummmm moment. Shortly after that, we moved to another site to support each other.
I continued to follow KK for another month as I was seeing results. What I wasn’t seeing and some of the things I wasn’t associating with the diet were things I didn’t want to see or know.
Now I’m not new to dieting. I have been overweight sense I was 5 years old. I’ve followed every diet known to man (and women, lol) and trust me…some may have not been a lot healthier than the KK one. But….never in my life have I had health problems with them.
My first and scariest sign of a problem, other than having to “force” myself to eat a meal (signs of an ED??), was the hair starting to come out. Now, being a fat lady and not having much about myself I liked, I did have nice hair! So you can imagine my dismay when I started losing it. I’m not talking about a little bit of hair falling out; I’m talking about it by the handfuls.
This is when I joined the FWK threads and learned a lot more about low cals, etc., than I ever wanted to know. I was shocked at what I learned. Well, that was the end of KK for me.
After stopping KK and now looking back, I can see things I did not notice while following that WOE. One was, it was very difficult to even try to eat more….signs of an ED. Scary…never thought I could be overweight and have an ED. I started forcing myself to try to eat more. There was the occasional wanting to binge too. At the time I didn’t realize the problem with the menstrual cycle stuff. I have been going through menopause for several years now and had progressed into the beautiful Night Sweats. These would wake me up every two hours just dripping, etc. Well, about a month into KK, these sweats stopped! Wow, I was finally over with menopause! What a relief! NOT! After getting off of KK and resuming a “normal” life if you will….the night sweats came back with a vengeance. Worse than I even had before. Not fun. So you see, at the time I had not associated it with following the diet.
I also put back on 20 lbs of the weight I had lost even though I was then following Atkins and watching my carbs and still only taking in 20 or less. What was this? It has been very hard for me to get my head around dieting again. Nightmares of going to low, losing hair, binging, starving, etc. All signs of following KK.
Yes, it works…..starvation works!! Only problem is….it is not without problems. Maybe not right away, but they will show and if you are smart enough to recognize where they came from, you are one smart cookie. Oh, did I mention the messed up metabolism and muscle loss? I lost so much muscle in my left arm that it caused rotator cuff problems from the strain and I have to have surgery next month to try to repair some of the damage and try to get the strength back. Yep, loved the diet!! I can count my blessings that it was not my heart!! So I guess I’m lucky that way.
So God Bless all of you who are losing weight on KK and loving it. I only wish you the best. I do notice that those of you, who have been successful on it, really do not follow it the way it was written. Those of you who say when Heidi says “only enough fat to make it work” really means you can have more than a “sprits” because it “works” for you. Those of you have added those olives, nuts, puddings, etc., because Heidi now allows it. Yep, Atkins did too. So you see….if you are adding that stuff, you are not really following Kimkins. Kimmer added that stuff AFTER she got caught with the lawsuit and HAD to change her diet to protect her millions. If you notice, she can’t even lose on her own diet…never could, never will.
While I’m on a roll here, let me address the lawsuit where a lot of you say people are only in it for the money. The lawsuit was started due to Heidi not honoring the lifetime membership she promoted. Defrauding people out of their money and not returning it when she every so politely banned them. Yeah, she now offers money back, why? Because her lawyer told her too. If she had her way…she’d keep it all. In addition to the fraud, the was the knowledge of the dangers of this WOE she was promoting. The people who joined the lawsuit under the guise of getting a refund as it was a valid excuse for a lawsuit, more than anything preferred to see the dangerous site shut down. Does John T. deserve his money? Dang right! He put a lot of time into the lawsuit. Are the Plaintiffs looking for money? NO!! The Plaintiffs want to save a life (or two). Hind site is 20/20 and even though those of you still there, still loosing weight, and still believing the lies will one day look back and say “wow, how could I have been so stupid as to not see the fraud and damage this WOE has caused?”
Again…Bless you and I only pray for your continued success and health.

(DISCLAIMER: To all of you English experts out there….I apologize for the spelling and grammar errors, lol. I’m the first to admit, I’m horrible at it all…live with it…the whole point is the story.)

Thursday, April 3, 2008


Pulling weeds may not be as easy as some think. I recently tried to pull the weed that Heidi has on her website. I love Amazon and buy a lot from them, but after this.....that may change. Their response was:

"........Please note that we do not endorse the point of view of any of our Associates, nor would we consider ourselves sponsors of their websites. In fact, our Associates include prominent web sites representing all sides of nearly every important political and social issue of our time. Here are the guidelines we do require of Associates as outlined in our Operating Agreement:

* Sites that Do Not Qualify for the Associates Program include:
* Sites that promote sexually explicit material
* Sites that promote violence
* Sites that promote discrimination based on race, sex, religion, national origin, physical disability, sexual orientation or age
* Sites that promote illegal activities
* Sites that violate intellectual property rights"......

I'm sorry Amazon, but by allowing this known Scam Artist to affiliate with your well-known site, you are endorsing it. Can those few people who "might" order some pudding really be worth your affiliate connection?

At this point, anyone, and I mean anyone, who has full knowledge of Who and What Heidi Kimberly Diaz is and does, is associating with her and is promoting a known scam artist and fraud who is defrauding 40,000 people to the tune of approximately 2 Million dollars.

Heidi's assets have been frozen and this is just another way for her to skim money off the top!!

Amazon...get your head out of the swamps and do the right thing!! Stop your affiliation with Heidi Diaz and Kimkins!!

Friday, March 14, 2008


Why is it that it takes someone like Becky (littlebit) or AmyB for people to believe what the Ducks (WFWK threads at LCF) have been telling them all along? Is it because Becky was a well respected Admin at Kimkins before leaving or that AmyB was also very respected before being banned?

For months the Ducks have been telling people what a lier Heidi was and doing research to prove her lies and forwarding the information to John Tiedt (Lawyer for the Class Action lawsuit against Heidi Diaz/Kimkins). The Ducks found the Russian Bride pictures, the Ducks found almost ALL the information that John asked Heidi in her depositions for verification. So why is it that you guys don't want to believe it until Becky or AmyB posts the information?

I guess it doesn't really matter as long as the proof is out there. I hope those of you who are still at the Kimpound realize the lies you leader has been spreading, the dangers of her WOE and get out now!! Take your support group and leave. The health issue are true! This is a starvation diet and you can develop an eating disorder from it.

This blog is not to diminish the fine work that John has done for all...he is the best and we are very happy to have him on our side. One smart man that John Tiedt! I don't see how Heidi can even think she can win this one.

Heidi, you can run but you can't hide.....the Ducks are too smart for you. Soon they will find the connection between you and the MCD and it will just be more wood on the fire!!

To those of you who "didn't believe" until now....I say, better late than never!

If you'd like to read John's update on the case go to: where Becky broke it all down for you. Good Job, Becky! Welcome back.

Thursday, February 14, 2008


Marasol has an apology from the Woman's World Magazine on her blog today. Even though it took WW a while to see the light, those of us who have been fighting the fight appreciate the apology of their recognizing the dangers they exposed the world to by not doing the research on the very dangerous Kimkins Diet they featured in June 2007. Thank you Woman's World!!

Thursday, January 31, 2008


You've been on now for a month....have ya lost 31 pounds as Kimmer says you will? Turbo weight loss, a pound a day! Yeah, right! Did ya tweak it? Are you eating too much fat, too much "lean" protein, too many carbs? What? Not seeing the same results as Kimmer? Any health problems yet? Stick around a little longer and enjoy the starvation diet of the century that makes you not only lose weight (yes, starvation does make you lose weight!) but causes Eating Disorders, hair loss, heart palputations, dizziness, tiredness, etc. Have you got those calories up to 800+ yet? I bet not!! Show me your fitday, I'll bet you are lucky to get in 300 calories. Did you tell your Doctor that you are only eating 300 calories a day and most of it is CHICKEN? What about that exercise that you can hardly do now when you use to be able to do your 30 minutes a day? Makes you wonder doesn't it. Do you still think this diet is good? Do some research on the web, find the true story behind and Heidi Diaz the Diet Guru of the Century who is scamming you and causing you to have health problems. Is losing weight that fast really worth the risk of having a heart attack? Wasn't your whole purpose to be skinny and have more time with your family? Keep it up and they will be reading about you in the paper! Well, at least you will be infamous and maybe in your death, you will help someone else from doing Kimkins!!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008


OK, so it is 30 days into the new year and you've been on your diet. How's that workin' for ya? If you are not already seeing the dangers of , give it time, you will. This very low calories, low fat, low carb diet promotes Eating Disorders (EDs), muscle cramps, constipation, hair loss and many other symptoms. Maybe not in the first 30 days but stop the program and see how fast you gain. Most of us who tried this WOE didn't see the symptoms until 2-3 months AFTER stopping the diet. Trust me, unless you are living in denial of your symptoms (which many do while following the program), you will have them. Kimmer still promotes the use of lower calories, lower fat, almost no carbs and laxatives (behind the scenes) which many call the Plan Behind The Plan. Don't kid yourself just because you have been tweaking her diet and not seeing problems right now...give yourself time and remember, you are not alone. There are many out there who have been there and are willing to help. We've been there and done that. Please pay attention to your symptoms and get help now.

Monday, January 21, 2008

CAN YOU LIVE WITH KIMKINS? is a Web Diet Site started by a morbidly obese woman named Heidi Kimberly Diaz, AKA, “Kimmer” in an effort to scam thousands of innocent people out of their money in the name of losing weight. Kimmer brought in over a million dollars in the month of June 2007 alone. Kimmer used fake after pictures and success stories on her site that she downloaded from a Russian Bride site. Kimmer claimed to have lost 198 lbs in less than a year and kept it off for over 5 years when in truth, she never lost the weight at all. is a very low carb, low calorie, low fat diet that promotes eating 500 or less calories, Eating Disorders (EDs), hair loss, and heart palpitations, just to mention a few of the health problems. People are encouraged to go lower and lower in their calories to see the scale move down a pound. Kimmer offered “Lifetime” Memberships and then proceeded to ban people from the site. This diet is dangerous and this woman needs to be stopped before someone dies.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Stop Kimkins Now

Kimkins is a vLCD that causes Eating Disorders and hair loss in many people. Get the word out about the dangers of should not be a diet you consider and should be shut down for good.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

*URGENT* Were You Harmed By Kimkins? *URGENT*

Have you experienced medical problems due to Kimkins?

Do you have any medically documented health issues related to the Kimkins Diet?

Do you have some free time this weekend for an exciting opportunity to appear from the comfort of your home, on national television, in a prime time spotlight?

If you have suffered any of the following doctor verified medical conditions

• Dizziness
• Nausea
• Muscle fatigue or weakness
• Heartbeat palpitations
• Moderate to severe hair loss
• Bone and joint pain
• Mental changes - irritability, forgetfulness, confusion
• Bowel complications/symptoms of laxative abuse

as a result of your experience with the Kimkins Diet, and would like this exciting opportunity to share your experiences with the public, please contact within the next 48 hours.

No travel will be required, an ABC crew will come to you to discuss your experience.

If you know of anyone who fits the above-mentioned medical criteria, please contact them with this important opportunity to appear nationally.

Monday, January 14, 2008

The Kimkins Controversy Is NOT Over

The battle to take down Heidi Diaz, AKA Kimmer is still going on in 2008. is still a very dangerious diet and I hope those of you looking for a diet to follow in the new year did your research and picked someting different. Read about the survivors of the diet and take note of the problems many have from following this diet.