Thursday, January 31, 2008


You've been on now for a month....have ya lost 31 pounds as Kimmer says you will? Turbo weight loss, a pound a day! Yeah, right! Did ya tweak it? Are you eating too much fat, too much "lean" protein, too many carbs? What? Not seeing the same results as Kimmer? Any health problems yet? Stick around a little longer and enjoy the starvation diet of the century that makes you not only lose weight (yes, starvation does make you lose weight!) but causes Eating Disorders, hair loss, heart palputations, dizziness, tiredness, etc. Have you got those calories up to 800+ yet? I bet not!! Show me your fitday, I'll bet you are lucky to get in 300 calories. Did you tell your Doctor that you are only eating 300 calories a day and most of it is CHICKEN? What about that exercise that you can hardly do now when you use to be able to do your 30 minutes a day? Makes you wonder doesn't it. Do you still think this diet is good? Do some research on the web, find the true story behind and Heidi Diaz the Diet Guru of the Century who is scamming you and causing you to have health problems. Is losing weight that fast really worth the risk of having a heart attack? Wasn't your whole purpose to be skinny and have more time with your family? Keep it up and they will be reading about you in the paper! Well, at least you will be infamous and maybe in your death, you will help someone else from doing Kimkins!!

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